How To Make a Home Inventory

All Metro Team March 3, 2022

How To Make a Home InventoryAs a homeowner, it can be incredibly helpful to have a comprehensive inventory of everything in your home. When disaster strikes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve cataloged your possessions and can provide proof to your insurance company if need be. But the thought of actually creating a home inventory can be pretty daunting. Where do you start? Let’s take a closer look at how to tackle this important project.

What is a home inventory?

Simply put, a home inventory is a list of every item in your home and its value. It’s something that will make your life much easier should you ever need to file a claim with your insurance company. Not only will the process be less stressful, but you’ll also have the money in your hands faster. It will also help you determine if you have the right amount of coverage for your home.

What should be included?

Your home inventory should include all the items that would be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. This means the items in your home as well as anything you may have in storage elsewhere. You should record a description of the item and what you paid for it. If the item has a serial number such as a computer, then include that as well. Keep copies of your receipts for all these items and take photographs of them.

What should I use to record it?

There are many different ways that you can record your home inventory, and you should choose the one that is easiest for you. Many people use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of their home inventories. There are also many apps available that can help you with the process. If either of these options seems like too much to handle, then make a walk-through video of your home. While it won’t contain as much information as a spreadsheet, it will be a good place to start.

What should I do with it?

Creating a home inventory takes time and effort, so you want to make sure you don’t lose it. Obviously, you’ll want to have a digital copy of your inventory. Store it in several places, such as emailing it to yourself, saving it in the cloud, and saving it on an external hard drive. You should also make a physical copy that you can keep somewhere else, such as at a relative’s home. You may also want to send a copy to your insurance agent so that it is easily accessible to them when needed.

How can I make this easier to do?

Unless you’re an extremely detail-oriented person who delights in making lists, creating a home inventory can sound tedious and stressful. Don’t feel like you have to tackle this project in one day. Start small. List your most expensive items first, the ones that you know you would want to include in a claim. Then take it room by room. If you’re really feeling overwhelmed by the process, then consider hiring a professional. Contact the National Association of Home Inventory Professionals to find out more.

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