After a walk through of our house with Christina

After a walk through of our house with Christina we decided to place our home on the market. We originally thought we would wait until the spring to sell (this was September), but Christina assured us that now was the time and the market was hot. We took 2 weeks to make the improvements she had suggested and placed our house on the market that Saturday. We had an idea of how much we wanted to ask for the house and Christina researched it and felt that it might be a little high, but waited to see a few more sales in the local area before committing to a price. As it turned out our asking price was a little low and she priced it accordingly and we felt confident that we would get an offer close to what we wanted. The first day we went live on the internet at noon and by 1:30 the house was shown. We had an offer that afternoon and by Monday we had a second offer as back up. Both were exactly the price we had hoped for. Christina handled all the negotiations and the following weeks went fast with Christina contacting us as needed. Within 4 weeks from listing the house we had closed on the sale. Christina was always prompt with responses to any questions we had, and we didn’t have to worry as we knew she was always acting in our best interest.


kelly prather8