Retro Features Buyers Love

All Metro Team February 9, 2021

Retro Features Buyers Love

Are you worried about some features of your home for sale that buyers might consider dated? Well, it’s time to rethink that point of view. In fact, in real estate today, what’s old is new again. Many buyers are flocking to homes that have vintage details you can no longer find in newer homes today. Let’s take a closer look at retro features that homebuyers actually love.

Separated floor plan

Open-concept homes have been all the rage for many years now. But the pandemic has changed how we live in our homes. Many of us now need privacy in order to work from home or attend school online. Open concept homes are great if you’re throwing parties. But when everyone is at home all day, it can be tough to find a private, quiet place to work. That’s why many of today’s homebuyers actually prefer a more retro floor plan where each room is divided into its own separate space.


Another retro home feature that is coming back into favor is a fireplace. Just a few years ago, many homeowners were covering up their older brick and stone fireplaces with paint -- or taking them out altogether. However, many of today’s buyers are actually looking for fireplaces with those original details, including mantels that can be styled. Just make sure your fireplace is clean and is in good working order.

Lighting fixtures

If you browse online retailers, then you’ll see that there are countless lighting fixtures available that are new takes on old designs. But nothing really beats the original lighting fixtures in a home -- especially if they’re in good working condition. Retro fixtures are often made with higher quality materials and can withstand the test of time. If you’re concerned about the safety of any lighting fixture, then talk with a professional about having them rewired to preserve the original features.


While home chefs may pine for a commercial-quality oven at home, there are still many who appreciate the charm of a vintage appliance. In fact, older appliances like stoves and refrigerators were made to last and many of them are still completely usable today. You can make sure they are functioning at their best by having a professional restore and preserve all their best vintage features.


Vintage woodwork can add so much character to a home. Original hardwood floors are on the wish lists of many buyers. Even if your floors have seen better days, they can be refinished instead of torn out or covered up. Another wood feature that buyers are asking for is beamed ceilings. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing homes that have no real ceiling details, unlike homes that were built in earlier decades. Wood beams are iconic, draw the eye up, and are in-demand today. Even knotty-pine paneling that was popular in the 1950s has made a comeback, especially in the midcentury homes that are hot right now.

The bottom line is -- don’t assume that details of your home that you feel are “dated” are going to be undesirable when it comes time to sell. When in doubt, talk to your real estate agent about any retro features in your home and how they might be perceived by today’s buyers.

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